“Surviving the Unbearable: An 8-Year Ordeal of Chains and Despair”

A call from my neighbor informed me that her dog, whom she hadn’t seen in years, needed assistance. Upon arriving at their home, we were greeted by a thin and tired dog named Gina. She looked at us longingly, hoping we would take her away. Unfortunately, Gina’s ears were in such terrible pain that she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Her name was changed recently. A tumor was detected in her middle ear through a Gina MRI scan, and she had to adapt to living conditions to address her cancer aspiration.

I am feeling extremely sad and broken inside, while the doctors are making arrangements for her therapy. At times, I ponder if she still had the same love for people, despite all the challenges she has faced.

Upon receiving the results of her biopsy, I was devastated to discover that her tumor was malignant and the injection had no effect as it had spread to other parts of her body. She had also lost 1kg in weight from before. However, I made a firm decision to do everything in my power to save her and scheduled surgery for her in the upcoming days.

After undergoing chemotherapy every three weeks, she noticed an improvement in her resistance and even gained weight. It’s been four months since then, and her companion Gina is still by her side, which feels like a miracle. The author wants to give Gina all the joy and happiness she deserves, even though they don’t know what the future holds. Nonetheless, they cherish every moment they spend together.

Someday in the future, this furry friend of ours will be in tip-top shape and relish every moment of her happy and healthy life. Let’s eagerly anticipate that day.

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